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Den här veckan har Makerresan har bidragit till #blogg100 med videohälsningar från Shenzhen! Åsa Moum hälsar:

Hej, här kommer en liten uppdatering från Makerresan! Efter en intensiv vecka i Shenzhen och Hongkong är de flesta delegater antingen redan hemma eller på väg hem. Vi har haft ett späckat schema och de flesta av oss har varit med om många väntade och oväntade möten. Vi ser fram emot att berätta om konkreta resultat resultat framöver. En sak är iallafall säker: avståndet mellan Shenzhen/Hongkong och Sverige har blivit mindre!

Glöm inte ansöka till deras program Maker in residence i sommar på Chaihuo Makerspace!

Många möjligheter att bygga på detta! Makertjej har fått kontakt med Xin Li som precis blivit klar med sitt exjobb inom hållbar produktutveckling på Blekinge Tekniska Högskola. Xin skrev uppsats kring benchmarking och affärsmodell för Blekinges Makerspace, länk till rapporten finns här. Xin är intresserad av kopplingen mellan Sverige och Shenzhen, inte bara för produktion utan för att utveckla makerkulturen.

Xin översatte en artikel från Makerresan:

Hello everyone, I think it’s interesting to show what happened in the Swedish and Chinese makers’ meetup.
This content is the translation which is according to the article from TechTemple, only for sharing the information. You will find the links of the original article, and the participants in the end. Also, the introduction of each participants that you can see in the end.

The Swedish and Chinese makers’ meetup in March 8th 2016, in Shenzhen, China
Keywords: Females’ opportunities
Participants: TechTemple (Chinese)
Makerresan (Swedish)
This event provided a chance let Swedish makers and Chinese makers communicate with each other. TechTemple and Makerresan believe the collaboration between Chinese and Swedish makers will promote the maker culture and innovation.
There are many female makers and entrepreneurs in the meetup. Asa Moum (the Makerresan’s founder), Madelene Kornfehl (the member of Frogleap), and Coco (the member of TechTemple) talked about the opportunities for female makers.

The following is the conversation records:
Q1: What do you think about female makers and female entrepreneurs?
Asa & Madelene:
During the past decade, females always meet a lot of difficulties and challenges during the early stage of startups. When I told others that I wanted to start my own company, most people thought it’s better to stay in that company which I was working at instead of running a business by myself. However, I still chose to start my own company, even that time I couldn’t have enough funding, resources, or even business opportunities. Nowadays, there are much more chances and resources we obtain, and it is continually getting better and better. For females, it’s a good time to start their own startups!

I can see the trend that more females start to join create their own things, they will see a lot of potentials than they expected. Many women have met the barriers of ‘glass ceiling’ in large companies, this issue actually promotes them to become entrepreneurs. Starting up businesses is popular now. Female entrepreneurs can be successful in many fields, such as fashion, E-commerce, and tourism. I also consider if a startup team has male members, it would obtain more strengths.

Q2: Is there any change in your life after you became entrepreneurs?
Asa & Madelene:
More freedom, although my working time becomes longer, I have more freedom to deal with new challenges, I also become more brave.

I have became more brave. Building a business is like riding a roller coaster, it’s always up and down. Entrepreneurs must be tough.

Q3: What is the difference between Chinese and Swedish female entrepreneurs?
Asa & Madelene:
I feel like in China, there are more opportunities to entrepreneurs. In Europe, many young girls are not really into mathematics, programming, and other technique stuff. It makes them feel hard to join science, or IT fields. But I feel Chinese females would like to learn those technique things more. They will get more chances to start up businesses. Also, I think China has more resources. If people want to build a business quickly, Chinese market is a good choice.

Many Chinese females are not as open-minded as Swedes, they consider that taking care of family is more important than being successful in their careers. Many of them even give up their careers when they think they cannot find the balance between family and career. On the contrary, family and kids are actually the motivation for Nordic female interpreters. In this case, Nordic women are more confident to start building their new business, and have higher ambition.

Q4: Any female entrepreneurs is impressive for you in today’s workshop?
Asa & Madelene:
All girls are amazing, such as Coco and Dada(TechTemple’s manager in Shenzhen), they are charming, smart, and brave.

I think Asa and Madelene really have their own visions, they recognize the strength of Nordic is in designing, and innovation, but the strength of China is manufacturing and producing. And they are effective and productive entrepreneurs. Indeed, we got in touch with them only one week ago, but they came to Shenzhen and visited us this week. They are real Doers!

Q5: Any suggestions to female entrepreneurs?
Asa & Madelene:
Don’t be afraid to build your business even you have family. Family is not the barrier to hint your career. It is a challenge for women to find the balance between family and career, just believe you can make it.

Walk with knowledge.

The original article link: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s…

TechTemple is a platform for entrepreneurs and startups. At there, people can meet others, get the chance to find ventures and customers, share resources, and communicate with each other. People can find TechTemple in both Beijing and Shenzhen.

Makerresan is supported by VINNOVA, its aim is to inspire startups and makers in Sweden, and it helps more Swedish makers learn more about the production and the faster you can get products in a global market. In addition, Makerresan has collaboration with Honkong and Shenzhen’s entrepreneurs.

Frogleap is an accelerator to startups in E-health to rapidly pressure test and validate their businesses to scale. The accelerator is located in Stockholm.


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